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Instaworthy Integrations

A picture tells 1,000 words and in turn has the potential to capture thousands of likes, comments, and impressions when a guest is inspired to share on social media. So, it’s no coincidence that hotel properties are incorporating flashy décor and cheeky art installations when designing their themed-out spaces. Even small details feed the aspirational lifestyle content that Instagram thrives on. Not only do these integrations create a deeper connection with the guest by helping to tell a brand story in a big way, but they also create an opportunity for your guests to tell their own.

With so much competitive content on Instagram, influencers and general users alike are looking for that unique “insta-worthy” moment to stand out when sharing with their friends and followers. While not every property has the idyllic picturesque location or big budget, with thoughtful visual integrations to surprise and delight, guests find reasons to post and create lasting impressions well beyond each stay. Besides the free advertising to the platform’s billions of users each piece of tagged content brings from a paying guest, it also creates a stacked arsenal of photography with repost potential to keep a hotel’s feed feeling fresh and authentic.

Case Study: The Rambler Motel

The renovation of the Good Nite Inn was developed by Second Sight Design around a modest budget, the idea that retro models were making a comeback, and the calculated assumption that everyone was “doing it for the ‘gram.” Out of this, The Rambler Motel in Chula Vista, California was born in 2019 and with its intentional design came numerous opportunities to snap a picture.

The space revs up a feeling of playful 70’s nostalgia in every thoughtful detail. Check in at the front desk embellished with a “Ring My Bell” neon sign, grab your key and prepare to be surprised as you open your mile-marker designed door. With 36 different wall graphics adorning the 114 rooms, each stay provides the opportunity for a unique experience to share with the property’s followers. Feeling mellow yellow? Or maybe hot pink and bothered? There’s a room to fit any mood and a flashy reason to capture a photo as soon as you walk through the door with a distinctive wall covering that has become immediately recognizable as a product of the Rambler. For repeat guests, no stay is ever the same as they’re likely to enjoy a room of different artwork during following stays. And we’d like to think that it’s this unique potential that keeps them coming back for more and their tagged content that entices new guests to see us for the first time.

Women throwing up her coffee cup kneeling on the bed in front of the "California Dreamin" artwork in a Rambler Motel guestroom

Two girls laying on a bed with their feet up on the Charger car artwork wall in a Rambler Motel guestroom

Woman using an old school phone on a bed in front of the "Roll with It" skates artwork in a Rambler Motel guestroom

4 women hanging out chatting in the "Far Out" artwork adorned guestroom at the Rambler Motel

Three girls leaning in unison on a bed sipping sodas in front of the "Go Your Own Way" artwork wall in a Rambler Motel guestroom

Step inside of Rambler’s pool area that can only be described as “chill” by both the vibe and its splashy, rainbow sign. This poolside installation has become the most iconic and photographed feature of the motel. Guests are immediately drawn to the unique sign and never miss an opportunity to snag that “wow-factor” shot while lounging in front of it. And what photo with it would be complete without roller skates and a disco ball? The throwback 70’s theme is loud throughout the property and guests often come dressed up to match. The Second Sight team knew designing these spaces would be impactful and leave room for numerous photo ops, but could have never anticipated the level of enthusiasm guests have for the theme and in turn bring to the property through wardrobe and props when taking photos and sharing the social story of their stay. To date, the CHILL sign alone has been tagged over 117 times.

Girl in a pink dress and pink sunglasses tipping her pink cowboy hat in front of the CHILL sign at the pool of The Rambler Motel

Woman in a blue furry coat and white boots kneeling in front of the CHILL sign at the pool of The Rambler Motel

Woman in a yellow bathing suit throwing a peace sign sitting in front of the CHILL sign at the pool of The Rambler Motel

Two girls playing with a beach ball in front of the CHILL sign at the pool of The Rambler Motel

Three women wearing daisy sunglasses lying in sun loungers in front of the CHILL sign in the pool area of the Rambler Motel

More Foto-Friendly Integrations at The Rambler Motel

Hanging Bubble Chairs in the Lobby

Woman holding a disco ball and old school telephone sitting in a hanging bubble chair in the lobby of the Rambler Motel
“Check In & Chill” Building Signage

Woman holding a suitcase in bellbottoms posing in front of the "Check In & Chill" building mural at The Rambler Motel
“Hey There, Good Lookin” Vanity

Woman holding a blow dryer sitting on top of the "Hey There, Good Looking" vanity in a Rambler Motel guestroom
Road Trip Mile Marker Doors

Woman leaning up against the yellow mile marker doors at The Rambler Motel
“Ring My Bell”
Check-In Desk

Woman smiling holding a bell in front of the "Ring My Bell" front desk check in at The Rambler Motel
Retro Arcade

Woman in denim on denim sitting on the arcade games at The Rambler Motel
Oversized Games

Two girls playing giant Jenga in the picnic area of the pool at The Rambler Motel
Mustache Restroom

Toliet with wallpaper of various men with mustaches behind it
License Plate Mural

Woman sipping coffee at her laptop at a table in front of the Rambler license plate mural at Rambler Coffee Shop
Roadtrip Signage

Four women smiling and hugging in front of the Interstate roadtrip styled directional signage at The Rambler Motel

Other Properties Keeping a Guest's Social Eye in Mind


Eye-catching Amenities

Tower23 Hotel’s suites in Pacific Beach provide a bubbly opportunity to snag a photo of a bathtub that fills with water from a faucet in the ceiling.

Woman in a white dress standing on her tippy toes posing in the stark white, outdoor hallway with blue doors of Bellanca Hotel
Travel to Greece in Catalina

Inspired by its Grecian vibes, Bellanca guests strike a pose in the stark white outdoor hallways with blue doors of this oceanfront hotel.

Woman smiling and holding a giant sticky bun topped with blackberries, strawberries, icing and chocolate cookie crumbles
Taste With Your Eyes

A delicious, giant sticky bun on JRDN’s beachside brunch menu whose theme rotated seasonally inspired a bunch of tasty tags.

Woman holding red roses sitting in a oversized, black, tall back chair in the lobby of The Padre Hotel
Take a Seat

Oversized, tall back chairs in the lobby of The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield allow for a uniquely cozy spot to sit and snap a shot.