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The Rambler Motel

Always Take the Scenic Route

This cheeky, retro motel opened in Chula Vista, California with custom signs, wall graphics, and furniture designed to appeal to the modern traveler. Check in at the front desk embellished with a “ring my bell” neon sign, grab your key and prepare to be surprised as you open your mile-marker designed door. With 36 different wall graphics adorning the 114 rooms, each stay provides the opportunity for a unique experience. From iconic song lyrics to classic cars, the bright wall coverings provide the perfect backdrop for a photo worthy moment to document your trip. Freshen up quickly in the “hey there good lookin” vanity then drop your bags because there’s more to your stay than just sleep. Step outside to the pool area that can only be described as chill by both the vibe and its splashy, rainbow sign. When it’s time to get out of the sun, head on over to the retro arcade for some old school screen fun playing Pac-Man and Pinball.

The devil is in the details. From key chain designed key cards to in-room compendiums made to emulate a vintage road map to the gift shop selling Jack Keroac’s On the Road, the design team truly sweated the small stuff and told the brand story in every ounce of the hotel through custom work. The on-site staff keeps the story alive. Upon stepping onto property, you are transported into a motel of yester-year with the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and the alike playing throughout. You’re greeted by the concierge in a vintage denim jacket uniform enhanced with a custom Rambler logo patch. Take a cassette tape inspired business card and know that you’re in good hands.


Elevation CA

Showing Off

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